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Piano Solo 2
February 26, 2011
 "Two Times You're Mine" - By The Astudillo Girls
19 February 19, 2011
"Your Love is Extravagant" - By Rebecca Cutler
" A La Nanita Nana", "Dayeinu (Hebrew)", "Freedom is Coming"
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January 22, 2011
 "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" - By Nolan & Elise Kinne
January 15, 2011
 "What Love Really Means" - By Stacy Ramos
 October 10, 2009
 "Jesus, You Are My Song" – By Mika Astudillo & Holly Pezzi
August 23, 2008
 "God Will Make A Way" – By Vaughn & Mika Astudillo
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 March 12, 2011
"I Sing The Mighty Power of God", "I Need Thee Every Hour", & " There Is None Like You"
By The Pathfinders, Stacy Ramos, & Katrina Sumagpang on Piano
February 12, 2011
"In Christ Alone", "All That Thrills My Soul", "& "He Knows My Name"
By The Astudillo Girls and Katrina Sumagpang (Piano)
 October 10, 2009
 "The Old Rugged Cross", "How Great Is Our God", "At The Cross, & Sanctuary"
By Rachel Sumagpang, Decelyn Herzer, Dorcas Ramos, with Brian Reed
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